Saturday, July 14, 2012

Miss Platnum, Berlin Germany wears FriendandNemesis

We love Yasha, such a great voice and always look forward to his new tracks.  This time we got an extra special treat, Miss Platnum featured in this video is styled accordingly with Friendandnemesis jewels and accessories.  Props must go to Sarah Conen, the stylist and true FAN!

Kristy Lee

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Website Coming Soon!

We'll be launching a new FriendandNemesis website very soon! We're so excited to offer a more detailed layout and streamlined shopping experience for you all.  In the meantime check us out here for the latest FAN news.  Also enjoy a special coupon to shop FriendandNemesis on Etsy while our website is under construction.  Use code SUMMERLOVIN for 25% off our Etsy items!

Etsy Shop

FAN team

Independence Day Celebration at Franklin Square, Philadelphia

If you don't already know then let us explain, we at Friend and Nemesis love parks, fairs, the circus, carnivals, markets, tents and anything that inspires fun and laughter.  We are so excited for the Independence Day celebration in Philadelphia's Franklin Square Park, we will be vending alongside a variety of performers, craft artists and that lovely fountain.  This setting is so ideal for us as in our dream tent we would present all of the fun and curiosities that a circus tent inspires, with a touch of that FAN edge.  So come hang out with us, soak up the sun, ride the carousel and have a laugh. 


Wednesday, July 4th 2012
Philadelphia, PA
6th and Race