Friday, January 24, 2014

Apothia Fragrance at F.A.N Philadelphia

                  Apothia Fragrance 

We've searched long and far for the fragrance that would fit our new Philadelphia shop.  There are so many lovely scents from independent perfumers to mainstream. We have lots of crushes but made a commitment to our long time love of Apothia.  Their key scent Velvet Rope has been my favorite ever since I moved to New York many years ago.  It was just obscure enough while being yummy and inviting to boot.  I was only able to find it at a select retailer in NYC.  You can now find Apothia at our F.A.N Shop in Philly. It's a fave with our stylists and has arrived with its classic mate the IF scent and new Pearl scent.  This brand is unisex and luxe displayed on our seasoned butcher block.  It's a unique and exclusive fragrance for our clients and may be a new gift for your lucky someone special.  It's almost Valentines and always someone's birthday, hint hint.

F.A.N FriendAndNemesis
2472 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tommy Rosario at F.A.N Philadelphia

Tommy Rosario editorial styling with Model Sierra Rocco

We will be featuring someone from the F.A.N team throughout the next few weeks as an intro to the new year, our new shop and ultimately a new you!  Tommy is our boy wonder, he's been a bit of a gypsy, just a bit ;).  He's worked at Toppers Spa and Volume here in Philly as well as Moxie Blue in New Jersey.  Luckily although relying more on his sheer talent, his clients always find him.  We've known Tommy for quite a while now and finally the universe has brought us together.  He's not only a part of the team but also an educator for Redken.  His love for fashion is always a treat and education in itself.  Just follow one of his fave brands KTZ at this past London Fashion Week to get a feel for his style inspiration and creative energy.

KTZ Spring 2014

Tommy is known to his clients as a style guru, no nonsense talent with a heart of gold and killer sense of humor.  Come on in and have a cappuccino at our mini cafe, chat it up with Tommy and book your next do.  We look forward to meeting you and having a laugh.

Silly kids Tommy Rosario & Kristy F.A.N stylists
Tommy rocking KTZ leggings...